About me

I am Iago Leal de Freitas, an applied mathematician whose main interests lie within the domain of computational mathematics. I have mostly worked with (non-)convex optimization and mathematical modeling in practical settings. I also have a strong interest in everything related to functional programming.

In the past, I have also studied applications of algebraic topology (mostly discrete Hodge Theory) to statistical rankings and did some stuff in the scope of classical mechanics: simulations of the dynamics of self-deforming bodies and some models related to astronomy.

If you want to discuss something I wrote on the blog or just say “hi”, feel free to send me an at hello[at]iagoleal[dot]com.

If you liked any of my projects and want to know about my professional records, take a look at my CV.

Most of my personal projects are open source (including this site!) and you can find the repositories in my Github profile.

I am also a regular member of PowerPointers. Every Monday 8 PM (UTC -03) one of us improvises a totally random slide presentation. It is open to the public and free to watch! If you speak Portuguese, be sure to check on it!